The season has finally “transitioned” into another one. Fall is among us and there’s no going back. Here in the PNW ((Pacific Northwest)) the season’s rarely transition. One day the sun is shining kissing your bare legs. The next morning its foggy, misty, and the wind is at a brisk 50mph. I love everything Fall has to offer, but I thrive in this wet, cooler, weather. I was meant to live here.

The nights have been coming earlier and earlier. Last night on our way to dinner I snapped the below picture at 7:24pm.

^^ 7:24pm last night ^^

^^ 7:24pm last night ^^

Because of the weather change, I know have the chance to wear one of my favorite things, TIGHTS! I love dresses and skirts in the fall with a stark black tight. I think most of my Fall/Winter wardrobe consists of tights. Also high on my list is the sweet pumpkin I found while grocery shopping. I wish I could take credit for it, but unfortunately I purchased it.



^^ Sweet pumpkin now decorating my desk at work ^^
^^ Sweet pumpkin now decorating my desk at work ^^

Now last weekend was the first day of Fall and boy did she come in with a bang. It was extremely windy, as it is today, and rainy. While I was brushing my teeth I heard this extremely loud crash. Walked over to the window and saw the largest branch. I was startled and started crying. Looking back, it wasn’t as large (and in charge) as I originally thought, but that branch could have brought a full tree with it…


^^ Christmas tree sized branch ^^

^^ Christmas tree sized branch ^^

So there you have it for now. I cannot wait til I get to go to the pumpkin patch. Last year was the first year L has ever been able to go with me in our 4 years together. Oh the joys of busy season during my favorite season.



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