Growing = changes //

2013-08-30 20.04.43

I saw quote saying recently that really hit close to home. I was really moved by it and feel like it fits me right now, in this moment.

“The more I find myself, the more people I lose.” – via

I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this at first, but then I told L about what I had read. He told me when he was my age he felt that way. He was discovering this person he wanted to be more and realized the ones in his life didn’t always fit.

The past few months I’ve realized its OK to let go of someone or something close. I’ve said hurtful things and have had hurtful things said to me. I love whole heartedly. I give until there’s nothing left to give. I hate knowing I’m the reason someone’s hurt or disappointed. I’ve grown up and changed. I’m married and want my husband to know he’s my number one. I’ve become close to his friends wife’s. These new people have helped transform me. Not as a whole person but parts of me creating new aspects of my personality.

This quote or saying really helped me realize as I grow up and find myself more its ok to lose those once close to me. We had a great run but we have an even greater future. I honestly feel like since getting married I’m really learning the wife, sister, friend I want to be.

I’m not perfect. I haven’t responded to two great gals e-mails. I rarely get ahold of my family. But I know my faults and try every day to work on them.


Over Labor Day weekend we went to the beach with our friends who just got married as well. It was amazing to get away and be with people I feel we connect with. I can’t explain how great it is when you are in the in between stage and your find people you can connect with.

Devils Punch Bowl on the Oregon Coast is a great spot. The weekend was filled with watching surfers, s’mores, and quality time with amazing people.

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