August Cara Box Reveal.

I recently took part of a great program called Cara Box Exchange. This is a fantastic way to get to know other woman whether or not you blog. Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals started this in hopes that we would reach out to each other and encourage each other.

This month I was paired with two great gals, Heather and Audrey. I feel very fortunate with my partners this month. I really enjoy getting to know people and I really feel I connected with these two. I sent my box to Heather and received a box from Audrey. Can I just say how she completely nailed it with my box! It was me to a T. Thank you again Audrey and Heather. I will be responding to both of your e-mails shortly.

2013-08-24 14.13.30

1. Cotton candy because lets be real, its in my blog title.

2. A paleo recipe book with LOTS of yummy deserts! I cannot wait to try out some of these.

3. I love reading and coffee. So of course a coffee mug with quotes from some of the greatest literature out there. So yesterday to use this tomorrow morning.

4. I’m scattered brained so she included a little book so I can keep my thoughts/to-do list organized.

5. Nail polish. I love a fresh mani but too cheap to get it done every week. LOVE this.

6. A necklace. Because I’m always wearing them. They’re my thing instead of earrings.

2013-08-24 14.14.352013-08-24 14.16.11


6. Last but not least mustache earrings. I’m on the mustache bandwagon and freaking heart these. Super excited to get a picturing wearing these with my mustache prop.

If you are interested in joining this amazing program head on over to Wifessionals and sign up! Cara Box is meant to be uplifting and inspiring.

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