Have you ever had one of those weekends where you were completely bored but utterly content at the same time? Well that was our weekend. A typical summer weekend is usually filled to the brink with activities where we’re on the go non-stop. And to be honest that was our plan until Friday evening rolled around…

On Friday we had plans to go over to our close friends for a birthday BBQ. Of course we went but only after I sat in traffic for two hours just to get home. ((Dear Friday night traffic, please stop being terrible)). L and I don’t drink during the week so it was exciting to have a reason to celebrate. I picked up some hard ciders and off we went.

I love when are friends have bbq’s. Its so simple and everyone just comes as they are to just relax. We met some new people. L got to reconnect with old high school friends. Things were going smoothly until I tried a sweet drink by the name of Fireball. Let me tell you, that stuff taste just like cinnamon but its hard! I only had half a shot but within an hour I was toasted.

When I was younger getting schwasted was just part of my life, but the last few years I haven’t been interested. I don’t like the feeling and want to be more in control of myself.

Well here’s where the fun stuff kicks in… I was schwasted by the time we got home! That was 10pm! I don’t remember the five minute drive home. When I woke up Saturday morning my head was pounding and as soon as I sat up I knew I better rush my booty into the bathroom and quick.

The next two hours were spent between rushing to the bathroom and trying to drink some water. Laying down in bed was impossible because sweet Max and my sweet Olive wanted their usual Saturday morning snuggles. I eventually gave up and went to the couch.

Needless to say Saturday was shot. We were suppose to go to our rental house and then to the river. L and I were lazy and stayed on the couch all day.

Moral of this is I’m going to continue only drinking on the weekends and will forever stay clear of Fireball. And enjoy the not filled to the brink day from time to time.

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