Reading: The Working Theory of Love. This book is nothing like I thought it would be. Its about a man who married young and divorced young. He’s rediscovering love through his work with a computer. I’m horrible at reviewing books so here’s the amazon description, “Before his brief marriage imploded, Neill Bassett took a job feeding data into what could be the world’s first sentient computer. Only his attempt to give it language—through the journals his father left behind after committing suicide—has unexpected consequences. Amidst this turmoil, Neill meets Rachel, a naïve young woman escaping a troubled past, and finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her and the possibilities she holds. But as everything he thought about the past becomes uncertain, every move forward feels impossible.” 

Listening to: As ridiculous as this sounds, Carly Rae Jepson. I know, I know. But hear me out. I received a free copy of her album and actually enjoyed it. Its my go to on the evenings I’m stuck in bumper to bumper traffic with no end in sight. I was going to post the video to “Call Me Maybe” but decided I don’t want to be blamed for it getting stuck in your head… Hey I just met you and this crazy….

Thinking about: All the changes happening in the next couple weeks. I’ve posted earlier about how marriage won’t define me, but there will be so many changes along the way no matter what. I’m so excited that in eleven short days I get the privilege of calling L my husband, but how do we stay true to ourselves while becoming one cohesive couple. L and I became us because we were already our own individual selfs.


Eating: Its strawberry season here in Oregon and let me tell you, I’ve been eating them like crazy! Even the pooches can’t help themselves. I do not mind feeding the dogs fruit as long as its not in the kitchen or close to the table. When the see us walk into the living room with a paper towel in hand they a sweet surprise is waiting. My excitement matches there’s as they really are amazing. If you are ever in Oregon this time of year, please pick up some local strawberry’s. Your taste buds will thank you.

Watching: Totally missed the band wagon on this one, but Mad Men. Only a few episodes into season two but oh so worth it! Also this last Sunday True Blood started again. I haven’t watched it yet but the anticipation is killing me.

Bummed out on: How friendships change as we get older. Its funny because I put myself out there. My heart is always on my sleeve, but lately I’m learning some people will just walk all over it regardless of my feelings. Being in our late twenty’s I never thought I would be having some of the conversations I have been but I’ve decided to gracefully let go. Its sad, unfortunate, and really unexpected but I guess things happen for a reason.

Loving: This early summer. Normally here in the PNW summer doesn’t arrive until after the Fourth of July. This year we have really lucked out! Last week we had a couple days in the 80’s! Of course I’m writing this as we’re experiencing an evening rain but tomorrow is suppose to be another amazing day with clear blue sky’s. Now if everyone will do a sin dance for us so the 29th is clear and sunny as that would be much appreciated!


Bridal Shower!

On Saturday my sweet sister’s and my mom through me a bridal shower. It was small and intimate. Everything was pink, and almost everything was served in mason jars.

I could not have felt more love than I felt Saturday. I love everyone who was able to come.

Enjoy some of the images of this very special day!
**I never remember my camera or to take pictures specifically for blogging. So these are all iPhone photo’s.










“Your life begins at marriage.”

**Disclaimer: this is my opinion and my opinion only. This is how I feel regarding this particular topic. My hope is that people respect my opinion as I respect yours. Different opinions help keep conversations alive.

A few days ago someone said this to me. At first I didn’t think anything of it. I smiled and kept listening to the unsolicited advice. I say unsolicited because once some folks know you’re planning and wedding opinions come flying at you like there’s no tomorrow. Sometimes it feels like they aren’t even listening to the things you want.

I do not agree with the above comment. I started living the moment I could. That first day setting up my dorm room. Kissing my mom goodbye. That was sad but I feel those four years of learning about me and the person I want to be was my life. My roommates and I would go out. Make lots of friends. Some forgotten but most are the greatest friends I have.

I strongly feel L and I are the people we are together because our lives began before each other. We’ve both experienced things apart that make us better together. Because of this, I feel our marriage is just a new chapter in the book of my life ((I really hope I live a life other people would want to write about)).

With our nuptials in 20 short days I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of marriage for me. I hope L and I bring our two selfs together to create a great home and life. I love L for him and I hope we don’t lose our individual identities to our marriage. He’s really funny ((crude)), responsible, and always gets his to do list done. I on the other hand am a little more scatter brained. I live to the beat of my own DJ, and there is always a reason for a dance party. I’m probably one of the biggest procrastinators on the planet, but I still get everything done by the time I need to. I don’t test the waters, if I really want something I jump in head first to get it. Kind of like act now think later. L has helped calm this part of me down, but he also knows he can’t change it.

So to wrap things up, I hope if you take anything away from this post its wish happiness on your friends getting married. Live your life now. Hope that you’ll be conjoining two lives instead of waiting to start one.

Happy Sunday!

Mad Men


Oh Em Gee! Have I been living under a rock? I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I just jumped on the band wagon. But so happy I did. I’m a girl who loves her trashy TV and Netflix. This show has been in my instant que for months.

I’m currently on episode 7 of season 1 so I cannot give a very good review yet, but I feel like I know the characters. The writer has kept the show more true to the times (I think). Men were the boss. Women stayed home, and “ran” the house. The women who did have to work were felt bad for. Yet through it all they always look fabulous. Because of Mad Men I have upped my work attire game.

We’ll see how this series plays out. I love a good television scandal.