Mother’s Day weekend!

This past weekend was full of awesomeness. A hockey game (go hawks!) and Mother’s Day festivities.




Friday night was the game. If they had won it would have been the championship game for our beloved Winterhawks. But yesterday they played and won by a landslide. 4-1! Great job Hawks. We knew you guys would win the championship!



Saturday was for celebrating Mother’s Day with my mother in law. We spent a few hours at her house and even surprised her with flowers.

Her house is also the location for our upcoming wedding. Visiting every weekend has become mandatory. We’re doing all the yard work and gardening ourselves. I’ll get more into that another day…



Sunday we were off to my moms and again showed up with surprise flowers. Again, they were well received. Its amazing how simple flowers can make our mom’s smile.


In between it all we celebrated me being a fur mama. I’m not sure if anyone else celebrates but it’s a big deal! At least to us.
I hope everyone was able to enjoy the weekend in one way or another!

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