One Month.

We’re exactly a month out today! In one month I get the to marry L. He’s amazing at keeping his cool under these last few weeks of pressure (we have so much to do). I on the other hand am freaking out. How do accomplish everything in so little time?



P.S. I started planning L’s birthday surprise. Its still in early stages but I really hope I can pull it off.

Just let go.

I never saw myself as one to hold a grudge or dwell. Boy have I been wrong. I’ve learned through some recent events that I hold on to things especially when I feel wronged. This isn’t something I’m proud of. I feel my high school self coming back instead of handling things as the late twenty year old gal I am.

I’m holding on to this hurt instead of just letting go. I guess I needed the hurt to learn it is time to just let go. I put a lot into relationships. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I let my emotions get the better of me. I’m holding onto someone else’s anger that I have no control over. I need to let go it (friends, things, clothes). Yes I hang on to clothing because I just might wear it again… We’ve all said that.

L tells me all the time how I need to stop analyzing and stressing about what someone said, or the item of clothing I gave away that I now have the perfect outfit for. I want to start my marriage a new and with positive people around us. Friends and family who are really happy for us. Nothing but positive energy. And I hope I bring the same to them.

Its sad the way we learn things about ourselves sometimes but then the hard times always bring the best of times. We shouldn’t dwell on the people or things from our past. They didn’t make it to our future for a reason.


2 year anniversary.


2 years ago today we became engaged. I’m excited the wedding countdown has finally reach the below fifty days mark. It’s been a long road, sometimes hard, but a great adventure. Here’s to many more L. 

Love you.


Mother’s Day weekend!

This past weekend was full of awesomeness. A hockey game (go hawks!) and Mother’s Day festivities.




Friday night was the game. If they had won it would have been the championship game for our beloved Winterhawks. But yesterday they played and won by a landslide. 4-1! Great job Hawks. We knew you guys would win the championship!



Saturday was for celebrating Mother’s Day with my mother in law. We spent a few hours at her house and even surprised her with flowers.

Her house is also the location for our upcoming wedding. Visiting every weekend has become mandatory. We’re doing all the yard work and gardening ourselves. I’ll get more into that another day…



Sunday we were off to my moms and again showed up with surprise flowers. Again, they were well received. Its amazing how simple flowers can make our mom’s smile.


In between it all we celebrated me being a fur mama. I’m not sure if anyone else celebrates but it’s a big deal! At least to us.
I hope everyone was able to enjoy the weekend in one way or another!



We’re 50 days out. That’s not a lot of time to finish crafts I haven’t even started.
Instead of stressing I’ve decided to let the day be what the day will be.
The end result is us getting married. Not the small details I’m sure most of our guest won’t notice.
We’re both excited to start a new adventure as an official Mr & Mrs.

Spring into the New.


This time of year always bring a new sense of freshness. A new mind set I guess.
The last couple weeks of brought a lot of change. Some good and some bad. But slowly but surely I’m understanding they’re happening for a reason and once all is said and done, I’m ok.
I’m ok with all types of change. For so long I never thought I was. Change is scary and brings the unknown. But I feel my current changes are for the better.
I’m happy and content. I finally feel like an adult that’s embracing the new.