Blogging… I read so many fabulous blogs and start day dreaming of when the day will come when my blog is shiny and bright. Lots of fabulous followers leaving comments and love. But then I remember great things take time…

I am learning to start slow. This space is for me to share what I choose and in the best way to represent me. I am just trying to decide the line between personal life and blogable (my new word) life. Also knowing as our little family grows, this space will grow.

It might take some time to get there but I hope you enjoy following my world in this little space. And please leave a link to your blog. I feel as a community we can learn from each other and always support each other.

Happy blogging!

P.S. I finally decided which wedding dress to wear on the big day!! June 29, 2013!

P.SS. Every one go to! I love filling our fridge with our instagram shots.

P.SSS. Also, sorry for all the iPhone shots. I keep forgetting the camera.

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