Dear husband, thanks.

On June 29 we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary and I just feel like I need to say thanks to the man that challenges me, loves me, pushes me, and respects me.

The last five years haven’t always been easy and I know the next fifty won’t always be easy but thank you for making our life seem easy. Even during our rough times you point out the light at the end of the tunnel making whatever hurdle lie ahead seem easy.

The best piece of marriage advice I received was this “you may not like each other everyday but you will love each other everyday”. These words could not be more true and been more accurate for our life thus far. I can be a bit of a pain in the ass…. but I know even during those rough times our love for each other is still there.

So L, this ones for you.

Thank you.

Now, enjoy the massive photo dump of the last five years.

Shaniko, Oregon

Last weekend we decided to hop on the bike and embark on another adventure. Thanks to sites like Pinterest I have been able to research things to do locally and find is quick weekend adventures. Because of this research I found so many articles about all the little ghost towns within a 2-4 hour drive.

The first of our ghost town adventures was Shaniko, Oregon. Shaniko was once a bustling town that made most of its income by growing sheep and selling the wool. Once the railroad found a more direct route from Eastern Oregon to Portland, Shaniko slowly died. Then half the town burned down from a brush fire. Today the total population of Shaniko is 25-30 residents.

If you ever find yourself on Highway 97 take an hour to stop and walk around. Loved experiencing this little piece of history and intend on returning soon.

Oh Christmas tree.

Sorry about that post title. I couldn’t pass on such a cheesy opportunity.

Typically we get a sweet little 3 foot tree but this year we went with 6 feet. We could have fit up to ten but I have to take what I can get.

It finally feels like Christmas in our home and I plan on living it up for the next two weeks.

Merry Christmas!

Working on my fitness

Yesterday was day one of Time It Up’s Holiday Hustle. My legs and arms are a bit sore today. You see the last couples weeks I’ve let my workouts go to the wayside. I tend to let life’s emotions get in the way. You win some, you lose some.

I’m felt great completing yesterday’s work out so I know I’ll feel even better if I keep going for the full hustle. As I type this I’m on the elliptical at work. #winning.

I’m not looking for the BIG transformation. Nope. I don’t have time for that much restriction. I’m looking to feel better. I have a dark history of depending on the scale and the number I see. I don’t want to return to that dark place. Yes I still experience some greet area. Last week for instance I weighed myself for fun. I’m 137 pounds. This time last year I weighed 129… I’m 5’7″ and 137 is perfectly healthy but I let that number take me to a very grey place.

So I decided last night screw the scale as I ate Brie cheese as my after workout snack. I’m ok with not having perfect abs as long I know I feel good.

Hopefully I stick to it this time. Who knows what life emotions I’ll feel tomorrow….

How is November already almost over?! End of year goals.

How is it November 28th? Christmas is in four weeks and 2018 is only five weeks away. This month completely flew by for me.

Things around here haven’t been too exciting so I’m ready to liven things up. I really want to embrace these last few weeks of 2017. To help myself along I thought I’d set some goals. Some Christmas related and some not. I guess a mix of holiday cheer and self love.

  • Decorate the house.
  • Decorate my office.
  • Bake cookies to share with the office.
  • Start gathering items for L’s stocking.
  • Purchase a dress for the annual office party.
  • Try to skip blow drying my hair two to three times a week. Last night was night one.
  • Work out at least three to four days a week. I really need to get back into a routine.
  • Drink half my weight in water (ounces) everyday.
  • Post here at least twice a week.
  • Go see The Orient Express. Looks so good!

I know this isn’t the most adventurous list but I truly feel this will help me stay motivated, in the holiday spirit and give myself a little love.

Last year I had hard time getting in the spirit and really embracing the season. This year has been completely different so far. I’m still having a hard time accepting Grandpa isn’t with us and our traditional Christmas Eve gathering is going to look completely different.

I just need to remember to embrace the season. Let myself feel the joy.

Merry Christmas!


So I started this post then needed to step away. Well I didn’t save it so I’m starting from scratch…

I’m in disbelief it’s Thanksgiving. Where has this year gone?! Every year goes by faster and faster. The days are long but the years are short is a very true statement. So given the season I thought I would write down all the little things I’m grateful for.

  • L. I don’t even know how to put into words how grateful I am for him and our marriage. It’s not perfect and it’s messy and we bicker but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Grandpa. I love him so very much. I’m still having a hard time accepting he isn’t with us this holiday season. He loved the holidays and the only way the tree had enough tinsel is if you wrapped it in tinfoil.
  • Nicole. She just gets me. We just get each other. Even though she lives far away we can communicate with a simple text. It helps her not feel so far away.
  • Mom and Sissie. Three musketeers for life.
  • My fur babies. There is nothing better than snuggling their fuzzy faces every night. Walking in the door after a long rough day is the best only because of the excitement the dogs have.
  • L’s family. They are amazing. Each in their own way and I love it.
  • My job. Because of my job I’m able to contribute to our little life.
  • My cars seat warmers. Highly needed. Especially since it’s been 40 degrees every morning.
  • Coffee with vanilla almond milk. My day cannot begin without it.
  • My health. So far i haven’t had an medical emergencies and I’m very grateful.
  • My body. Also because the above my body is able to do some amazing things. I can workout if I want without pain (as long as I have proper form).
  • The snow. It looks like it’s going to be another great ski season. Just hope the snow stays in the mountains.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. If you do participate in shopping today, tomorrow, or any point this weekend please remember the sales associates are human too. They have families too. Not all of them are choosing to work today.

Sturgis – Part Two

If you missed part one.

Once pulling off the freeway we pulled onto the main drive through the city of Sturgis and let me tell you it was grid lock. Bumper to bumper bikes! And I may have been a wide eyed kid.

Night one was really relaxed. Everyone unpacked then we headed down to the concert area to see everything the Buffalo Chip had to offer. It was great being able to ride around the camp ground instead of walking. Seriously way to big of a camp ground to walk everywhere.

The next day we rode to Mount Rushmore. Leading up to this trip I was really excited to see Mount Rushmore but once we got there I was kind of disappointed. Its a lot smaller than you think.

Mount Rushmore

After the disappointment that was Mount Rushmore we rode to Rapid City. Walking around Rapid City was really fun. While we were wondering around we stumbled upon Art Alley. I could have taken so many more photos.

While wondering we found a cute little hole in the wall bar to stop for a quick drink. The weather was so great we decided to sit out on the back patio. To our surprise it was part/connected to Art Alley.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and enjoying camp. After the long day of riding it was really nice to just relax.

Tuesday was spent just riding. We rode through the Black Hills then over to Custer State Park. We rode through the wild life loop and saw some Buffalo.

Wednesday we decided to stick around town. We rode into Sturgis and just wondered around all day. Eating, drinking, and meeting people. I learned one interesting fact. The waitresses/bartenders in Sturgis, South Dakota wear little to nothing but they are required to wear tights and if they sit on the bar they have to have a “stripper license”. Little tip from me to you.

Before heading back to camp we rode to Full Throttle Saloon. The new saloon is great but I wish I could have seen the original before it burned down. But we did get to see a lot of ladies in little to nothing. I wish I had some of that confidence.

Thursday was another full day of riding. We rode around the Blacks Hills, Hill City, and basically anywhere the rode took us. It was great to be out on the open road and just riding.

Friday was our last and final day in Sturgis. We only did one short ride and I think it was the best ride of the entire trip. We rode to Deadwood. There is so much history here. Well everywhere we went but I really wish we could have taken the historical tour in Deadwood.

The rest of Friday was spent at camp packing then off to another concert. This trip was a lot of work but also worth it. I didn’t even know what Sturgis was until I met L. Stepping outside my comfort zone made this trip happen. We’re already counting down to our return trip in 2020.